“Who Put the Drugs in Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll” (Intro and origins)

Let me begin this by saying I’m not a druggie. I’m not some stoner with no ambition that picks flowers and sits on the couch and blazes to “China Cat Sun Flower”. However, I cannot deny the fact that trippy music is fuel for my soul. Nothing better than laying on my bed after a long day, turning on Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” and just letting my mind wander and relax. Psychedelic music serves its purpose and that is why I chose this topic. I think its one of the greatest examples of how music can efficaciously take you to another place.

According to this about.com article, Psychedelic Rock became popular in the mid 1960s and derived from the “the shock of Beatlemania in the US, the ready availability of LSD, and a growing interest in mysticism and Eastern culture.” I hope to explore these origins individually and do a survey of famous songs by the greats to learn for myself, and show to you what makes this musical drug tick and why is was so big in its time.

Famous to this genre of music was the use of different pre recorded and live elements as well as a mixture of instruments to create the effects of an LSD acid trip through sound. Youngsters of the beat generation went took this trip with the touch of a button, or a ticket to a concert throughout the turbulent sixties culminating with the Summer of Love in 1969.

So friends, come with me down the rabbit hole as we learn where these mystifying sounds came from and where they’re going.


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