If you look up “Owsley” in the Oxford English dictionary, what comes up is a form of LSD. That’s because Owsley Stanley was the leading man in LSD with is underground factory in the San Francisco Bay Area. A student at Berkley, Owsley, known as “Bear” for his chest hair, began smoking weed and eventually got ahold of LSD from its birthplace in Switzerland. He went on to produce and sell it out of his bathroom lab at school. After a close call with the authorities and a brief stint in LA with his partner in crime Cargill, he was back in San Francisco with reputedly the most pure form of LSD around.In his career he also was the sound mixer for the Greatful Dead, which means he not only had a hand in the drug, but the play out of its use. He spent the last 20 years of his life living in Australia, wishing to stay out of the limelight. He died due to health conditions in 2011. He was considered a key player in the Summer of Love.


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