Come on Baby Light Fire (number 2)

The Doors are a band from LA that formed in 1965. The members included Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, and Jon Densmore and Robby Kreiger. The band took their name from Alduous Huxley’s book The Doors of Perception (according to the Door’s Wiki page). “Light My Fire” came out of their debut album with Electronika Records. The album only took 6 days to record. The song was originally 7 minutes long on the album but had to be edited down to three minutes because it was requested so much. To me the song is awesome in its simplicity. In opens with about fifteen seconds of swirls of keyboard notes enveloped in the crash of the symbols, very trippy. The lyrics are simple, with its presence of innuendos. However, taken from a different perspective, “girl we couldn’t get much higher” along with “come on baby light my fire” could easily be a drug reference. His voice is almost ghostly and crescendos every time he says “come on baby light my fire”.

The Doors, one of my favorite bands ever, prospered into the 1970s until Morrison died of drug related issues (go figure) in 1971. The band disbanded 2 years later.


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