Feels like the First Time

Okay, we’re jumping ahead but I was listening to it and I like this song and it, while not traditionally psychedelic rock, incorporated elements into the song.
The opening guitar riff is typical for rock music, but what makes this song psychedelic is the use of a tambourine alongside a keyboard that is the epitome of the psychedelic sound: a trance-like tone. These sounds kind of fade to the background but are still audible through out which makes the song sound almost multidimensional. The chorus repeats twice and then there is this cool incredibly psychedelic part which uses the same keyboard sequences as before, but slowed down and synthesized using a space-like effect. A slow guitar strumming that goes through multiple bars of music – from very high to very low – accompanies this keyboard until it fades out and the tambourine takes over and guitar solo with a cascading melody until the song ends.


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