She’s so Heavy

Taken from their 1969 album Abbey Road, the song “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” by the Beatles is a particularly great example of psychedelic rock. The song begins with a heavy guitar riff followed by the bluesy strum of a guitar while drums play lightly giving an almost jazz-like sound, which are all influences of Psychedelic Rock. After about 2 minutes, the main psychedelic riff begins again, but this time with a keyboard in the background. The keyboard is particularly psychedelic with a multitude of notes cascading both up and down in scale at a rapid pace, which kind of sounds like what I think would be the background music in a trance. The song continues on this path of switching between heavy psychedelic-laced riffs and softer, jazzier, blues-like moments; the song becomes heavier and heavier until the main riff dominates the entire last two minutes of the track. This heavy riff continues as white noises begin to drown out the sound of the double tracked guitar which too me is incredibly psychedelic and cool to listen to.

This is perhaps one of the Beatles’ more psychedelic songs. The albums Abbey Road (1969), Revolver (1966) and Rubber Soul (1965) are considered apart of the “psychedelic years”. All of these albums were innovative in that they used many never-before-been-heard-in-rock sounds, such as the sitar and the Moog synthesizer. These albums would go on to influence future artists and are considered to be part of the early movement of what would become psychedelic rock.


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