Touch of Grey

This song reminds me of a kaleidoscope. The beginning of the song is upbeat and had a mixture of guitar and what sounds to me like a xylophone it gives it an almost surreal, fantasy like feel. If you want to get trippy about it (haha get it?) the opening reminds me of a flower opening up and like a little town of flower people dancing in the buds… I’m not high I swear. Evidence of a trip like experience can be found throughout the song. The opening line is “must be getting early, clocks are running late” which contrasts between the sense of time and the actual time, which to me reads a metaphor for losing touch with reality. The touch of grey to me represents kind of a sarcastic approach of the negative side of things. They lyrics read “every silver lining has a touch of grey” and then goes on to talk about how the dog hasn’t been fed and the kid who is 17 can’t read. This kinda describes the stereotypical stoner house where nothing is happening and things are going to shit. But the outlook is “I will get by I will survive.” Part of me wonders whether or not it is sarcastic.


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